Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday is funday... not

being "dad" can be hard. I guess parenting in general is a thankless job, but sometimes being dad is particularly so. I'm sure all the ladies out there will tell me all about being a mom, that's great, but all in all you get a lot more credit than we do. fathers day was an afterthought you know, one of those holidays they threw in to be "fair".

one thing I've noticed is the number of things everyone else in the family could do, but don't because it's easier to have me do it. things like setting the input on the tv. my wife is able to learn it, it's trivial, but she won't because I'm here. yet, time and time again we fathers are told how little we "help out". apparently I help out a lot. I am the savior of learning how to do trivial things yourself because you can't take 2 seconds to learn how to change the tv input from Wii to tv. all hail dad!

my life is consumed with the thankless job of keeping all things technical working, keeping the financial ship a float, and whatever other task gets dreamed ip on the spot. and the appreciation comes in the form of a tie or pair of socks.

yes I know being mom isn't easy, but that's not an excuse. in a world full of men who shirk their familial responsibilities, how about some appreciation for those of us that don't.

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